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Read what some of our happy customers have to say about their experience with Arr-Tech's Counter Stackers, Conveyors and other products.

La Tortilla Factory

"We purchased one of these..."counter stackers"... from Arr-Tech about 1.5 years ago and it's been running like a charm. Basically trouble free. Accurate counts and clean stacks. I highly recommend it."

Tortillas de Casa

"I would like to take a moment of your time to brag to you about the unending dedication to
customer service recently displayed by your staff.

My story is much too long to reiterate here but suffice to say that starting with Kevin and including
Hugo, Angela and Morris we were able to resolve a nagging and costly two-year-old problem in a
couple of hectic days. We have one of your older units that we operate 24/4, sometimes 24/5 and
since my joining the company in October 2002 have heard the complaints from all my people of the
"blankety-blank no-good Arr-Tech counter stacker". This place was a nightmare when I joined the
company and priorities being what they are I just now am addressing the counter stacker "problem". Before addressing the problem I did a little research on Arr-Tech and came to the obvious conclusion that your company could not have lasted all these years in business by producing junk, so I
decided to call you first. I'm glad I did!

My first contact was with Kevin who treated me like we had known each other for years (what a
refreshing note). Kevin counseled us on where we needed to start to determine the cause of our
dilemma. The rest is history, as they say. After purchasing a manual with blueprint, swapping some
wires around under Hugo and Kevin's help and guidance, we were able to determine that we needed
some replacement parts. We ordered them, they arrived overnight, we replaced them and we are
now in good shape."

Mexican Accent

"We are happy to submit this testimonial letter regarding the Arr-Tech Genesis Servo Driven Flour
Tortilla Counter Stackers"

We purchased four new Genesis Servo models in December of 2002. Our goal was to increase our
production to meet our customer's needs and decrease our labor in our packaging area. These new
counter stackers replaced older Arr-Tech counter stackers we were using on our flour lines. Since
upgrading our counter stackers to the new Genesis Servo counter stackers we have been able to
reduce our labor costs and increase our production rates. Our machines have been in operation
since December of 2002 with little or no problems. The machines are user-friendly and operate
effortlessly. Anytime we have called to ask for technical support, Arr-Tech has responded with
professional quality service providing prompt support of their equipment.

I highly recommend Arr-Tech Genesis Servo counter stackers as their machines stand up to the
vigorous and continuous usage we are putting them through

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